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Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopian Coffee Beans

Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, known for producing high-quality coffee beans. The Ethiopian Coffee Beans are traditionally dry or wet-processed, making a huge difference in their final taste and flavor.

The dry-processed Ethiopian Coffee Beans have more body, richer, and strong, citrusy, and complex notes, while the wet-processed beans have lighter and almost lemony notes.

At Swashbuckle Coffee, we offer you a variety of roasts of Ethiopian Coffee Beans, giving you options to choose from as per your taste palette and preference.

One of the major reasons why Ethiopian Coffee Beans are loved globally is their natural sweetness, making it ideal for coffee connoisseurs to indulge without having to rely on sweeteners. It is, for this reason, our Ethiopian Coffee Beans at Swashbuckle Coffee are highly popular among our patrons as Espresso Beans.

So, if you’re looking to add that “zing” to your morning or late nights, trust Ethiopian Coffee Beans to do the magic!

History of Ethiopian Coffee

Most historians and coffee experts globally agree on the fact that Ethiopia is the only country in the world where coffee grows natively. While no one can pin down the particular time and period when coffee cultivation first begin for sure in the country, legends and some historical references point back to around the 8th Century.

The coffee plant first originated around the South-Western Ethiopian region named Kaffa. The Kafa Zone in the country is home to over 5,000 coffee varieties. Surprised? Yes, Ethiopia is truly a pilgrimage for coffee lovers!

More than 60 percent of Ethiopian export is coffee, making it a huge economic factor for the country. Ethiopia is the fifth-largest coffee-producing nation globally and the highest coffee-producing country in the African subcontinent.

Swashbuckle Coffee – Farm Fresh Ethiopian Coffee Beans

With years of experience in the coffee business and industry, we’ve developed a strong network in the local Ethiopian coffee farming community and ties with local farmers.

Our mutually beneficial and sustainable working relationship with the local farmers helps us source some of the best Ethiopian Coffee Beans for you through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange.

Even though consistency can be a challenge with Ethiopian Coffee Beans due to the government’s standardized trading procedure, we at Swashbuckle Coffee aim to offer you consistency in taste, richness, and flavors that Ethiopian Coffee Roasts are known for.

Ethiopian Coffee Beans – Best Way to Brew

When it comes to coffee, at Swashbuckle we believe – to each his own!

However, our Ethiopian Coffee Beans are known to bloom best when brewed by the following methods –

  • Automatic Drip
  • Pour Over
  • Cold Brew

Our Ethiopian Coffee Beans deliver bright flavors that are high in acidity and lighter on the body, helping you gain more control over the flavors. The brewing process you choose helps bring out the flavors you’re looking for while successfully suppressing any bitter elements.

Experience the Magic of Ethiopian Coffee Beans from Swashbuckle Coffee!

At Swashbuckle Coffee, we don’t have a cookie-cutter approach and source, craft, roast, and pack our Ethiopian Coffee Beans with a passion that borders on obsession, and we’re proud of that!